It doesn't matter about those 10 extra pounds, stretch marks, c-section scars or even cancer battle wounds, you come as you are and get to feel like a queen for a few hours. Why shouldn't you? It is such an amazing experience to get all dolled up and enjoy just being YOU for a little while.

Whether you want to gift your gorgeous and classy images to a special someone or you just want to feel fabulous, this is the session for you!

PS. You dont always have to wear lingerie! Sweaters, your partners shirt, you name it and it can be worn during a boudoir session.

My favorite part of my Boudoir session is actually the Reviewing and Ordering appointment. This is where my client sees her images for the first time and it is such an incredible moment when a woman finally sees what others find so beautiful about her. As a woman who has struggled with body issues my whole life, its really incredible working to make every woman feels as beautiful as she is. We are our worst critic!

Make sure to ask about our new Couples Boudoir sessions and Boudoir for Men!