Cheyenne + Tim

Photographing another photographer is always daunting but I LOVE IT! Besides the fact that Cheyenne and Tim were straight naturals and Holly gave us her good side constantly, lol, photographers just get "it". Posing, pauses while my brain plays out the next move, when something just isn't working and they are not afraid to move or tell me, lol. 

I am always extremely grateful when another photographer trusts me with their portraits. Especially when that photographer is leaving soon and wants her portraits done at one of her favorite spots to shoot. Make sure to check out Cheyenne Rickley Photography when you get the chance!! Her work is stunning <3. 

We had a brilliant time and somehow magically didn't have any rain for over an hour on a day where it just wouldn't stop! 

Enjoy the little sneak peek I've put together! 

PS She just turned 21!! Happy BIRTHDAY Cheyenne!! 

<3- Emma

Location: Clark Park, Fayetteville NC

Emma Aubrey

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