Blush Boudoir Experience

I am so excited to share and blog about the behind the scenes and final images/videos from my Blush Boudoir Video Shoot. 

Thanks to  MediaBrewer Films, the moms and gorgeous women who participated and R Shedrick Artistry who styled hair and makeup for not only the models but myself. We had SUCH a blast and it was such an incredible experience. 

I started working really hard on Blush Boudoir because of my own insecurities in my body. After I had my daughter, Charlotte, I actually lost all my baby weight..wait, don't say anything yet haha... then my husband deployed, I suffered from PPD and Anxiety that was completely new to me and then I became the caretaker of my mother for a short amount of time. Lets just say, gelato, pizza and cheesecake became my best friends so I gained back not only the baby weight but more than I have ever weighed before. I got tired of putting myself down, hearing other women labeling their self worth by what they looked like. 

I've learned that you can be a size 2 or a size 22 and not be happy with your body. I've also learned you can be a size 22 and ROCK IT OUT! I wanted to make sure every woman whether they were confident or not could walk out of my studio or their session and feel absolutely amazing. 

Whether you want to book your session just for yourself, your significant other or a special event, Blush Boudoir is where to go! 

We also book couples boudoir and bridal boudoir for your special day! 



Emma Aubrey

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