Sunday Fun-Day!

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to write a brief blog post on this weekend and all the going ons.

I finally came up with an amazing idea for Holiday themed minis which include cookies and milk, and who doesnt LOVE cookies and milk? Well I am sure someone does not but *cough....I may not want to be besties with you ;P. 

I was supposed to 2nd shoot a wedding on Saturday with Magnolia Photography but unfortunately my daughter woke up with an extremely high fever and a nasty virus. Thankfully by the grace of God she was feeling much better Sunday, at least well enough to go to a sitter so I could get some work done! 

Four sessions today! Whew. It was a lot but I enjoyed every one of them. What is even better is that I made a new friend, hopefully a repeat client, and I got to see some great friends that are already clients today. 

It was such a beautiful day! Finally is starting to feel like Fall here in NC and I could not be happier. 

Without further ado.... a couple of sneak peeks from my four sessions. 

In order of session:

Nate and Hannah Weber  (Long time family friends and clients. I absolutely adore these kids and I cant believe Nate will be 18 soon, cue tear of feeling old)

Jack and his pups: Jack and Coco are pictured. Leslie their mother :D, wanted to make sure we captured Coco since Coco is sick and my not be around too much longer. Let's just say I wanted to take them all home, Jack included. Coco and Jack were joined by Coco's brother Roadie today as well and will be featured later. 

Cami and Chris: I actually met Cami through Blush Boudoir and a mutual friend Sarah. We have become friends and I am so excited and honored to have been asked to photograph their little family. The dogs are SO CUTE and fluffy!! Needless to say I had a great pup day! 

Last but certainly not least, the Smith family! I met Allison a few years ago at a friends wedding and then by chance met Gabe randomly and we realized we both new Allison lol. They got married and had two beautiful baby boys together and I am super excited to finally photograph this gorgeous family. I mean...they are all stunning!! Of course we had to include a little parent time as well ;P. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek and I will try and do separate blog posts later this week. 




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