Let's Get Started!

Hi! I'm Emma!

Hopefully by now you have already had the chance to go through my site, but if you haven't already read my About page, let me tell you a little bit about me! 

I grew up in Raleigh, NC and I currently live in Hope Mills with my husband and our little girl, Charlotte. We have three dogs that keep our family busy and entertained! 

I absolutely love my career as a photographer! It took a lot of passion and drive to get my business to where it is now, but every bit of effort was so incredibly worth it. My favorite part of each session is capturing that stolen moment, where the true, raw love and emotion shines through. It's like a little gift that the clients give me unkowingly and has even made me tear up at times!

I decided to add a blog to my new site in order to share with you the behind the scenes moments that make me love my passion for photography even more. Every session I have the honor of capturing always reminds my why I developed this passion in the first place. I want to share with you the moments that don't always end up in my galleries or hung in my client's homes. These moments are what make the session unforgettable for me.

I'll also share things that make me, me! I'll add posts about my family, my book club, and my obsession with coffee mugs! These little glimpses into my life will give you an idea of my personality and let you decide if I am someone who you would love to have capture your families unforgettable moments.

I can't wait to share this journey with you!


- Emma

Emma Aubrey

Candidly capturing life as it happens. North Carolina's Premier Family | Maternity | Birth | Lifestyle Photographer.